Shout-Out: 12/5/2017

Another day, another sample of art and music I've come across. A good song with a mixture of funky vibes, soft vocals, and a calm yet hype tempo. There's no deep meaning or specific wordplay that amazes. Just a song that simply 'sounds good'. Volkanyenen. A good artist who combines sharp lines with great [...]


Review: Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

In Senran Kagura: Wet T-Shirt Contest, the series known for buxom high school ninjas hacking and slashing their clothes to barely legal remains turns its attention to a third-person shooting extravaganza of water guns and enough plot to justify a plot, and vice versa. In the game, you play as literally every mainstay and cameo [...]


I’m going to start posting some of my own endeavors on the site. Sometimes, they’ll function as stand-alone excerpts as a sample of a portfolio for art, writing, or programming (mostly writing). In others, I’ll be using them as a backdrop to stress a point, like aiming criticisms/theories at my own work instead of stringing [...]

Review: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 takes place one 'Ryan Gosling's life' after the events of the original Blade Runner. In a world where new robo-humans (replicants) are used as slaves, Ryan Gosling is a slave robo-human tracking down and killing rogue slave robo-humans. He comes to a crossroads when he uncovers a potentially natural-born replicant and is [...]

Review: Yakuza 0

In Yakuza 0: Hos Before Bros, you play as Kazuma “My fists cure inebriation” Kiryu and Goro “Learned breakdancing in five seconds” Majima. Both explore separate open worlds, beating the snot out of the local population, engaging in wacky mini-games, building their skills RPG-style, and progressing through an intertwining storyline about an overlooked nook of [...]