Bite-Sized Critic: Pokemon Go is Terrible

  • The gameplay, while layered, comes down to a mixture of walking around, a single swipe motion, and an arythmic tapping game
  • The graphics are poor, even for a mobile game. Even for a Pokemon game, especially one that needs only model the original 150
  • Most of the system is purely RNG-based, with no guarantee of success given outside skill
  • Level scaling forces the game to become stagnant past a certain level (~15-20), even earlier in landmark-less areas
  • Soundtrack is novel, but repetitive
  • GPS Tracking system doesn’t function properly, which is kinda priority #1 of an ARG

Got a different opinion? Let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Bite-Sized Critic: Pokemon Go is Terrible

  1. While I agree on many of your points, I have to say that the walking part of it is a good way to explore your own neighborhood/town. It’s also a good way to get a bit healthier.


    1. True, but to be fair, that’s an indirect effect of all ARGs. You have to move around to accomplish the game, therefore exercise happens. The extent of exercise performed is still user-defined, and many players have already established ways to game the system, driving to pokestops, and just letting the game’s buggy tracking randomly grant kilometers walked, so even that effect is somewhat minimized. It’s like saying RPGs encourage players to learn math.

      Thank you very much for commenting, by the way! I’m always happy to see a new face! Have a great day!


      1. That is true, but the application doesn’t allow you to drive around, when you do it prompts that you’re going to fast. This doesn’t count to the steps taken for eggs and such.
        I’d say that RPGs would teach you proper languages and writing, at least the PC/Console ones, but that’s just me.


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