Why I’m running this site

To make MILLIONS of dollars, and become super famous, obviously.

No. Honestly, it’s just a site for me. If I post enough here, I might include it on my résumé as a display of skills (or at the least, writing talent), or as a way to advertise my journalistic skills/services- hire me!

But mostly I just post here to have a repository for the things I may or may not do. In the coming weeks, I may import some old items to the site just to fill it out a little, but after that, it should just be new stuff- reviews, thoughts, highlights of particular aspects of things, maybe even a political post or two (Eek!).

If you’re reading any article here, liking the content, and you’d like to help me, critique me. Critique my writing style, my art, my music, my choices, my opinions. I take advice to heart, and despite the negative tone I may have in some pieces, I’m generally kind when other people are on the receiving end of a conversation.

Thanks for reading.


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