Bite-Sized Critic: Fighting News

ARMS has released a new patch for their game, adding characters, new modes, arms, and bug fixes. Now all the Switch needs is more than two games to entice people.

Fantasy Strike, a new fighting game from the mind of David ‘Game Balance Theory’ Sirlin, is seeking funding through a Fig campaign. It’s like Kickstarter, but for businesses that can actually make a product.

Street Fighter has announced both a new character, Abigail, and some new content including classic skins and some new stages. After seeing Abigail, I’m fine with staring at a new wall.

Arika (The Street Fighter EX series dev) has announced a fighting game that began as an April Fools’ joke, and for some reason, they’re continuing the April Fools’ trend in their latest trailer. It’s not going to be so funny when half of their customer base doesn’t believe their game releases.

Tekken 7 announced Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard as a new character for their game. In a game of  devils, robots, pandas, and random ass ninjas, a regular guy in some japanese garb isn’t doing it for me.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be running a closed beta, with signups available now. They’ll be testing how many more words they can add onto the game’s title.

Arc System Works has announced Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle, a new crossover fighting game. Why the hell Blazblue is the title franchise is yet to be made known.


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