Dear Bungie,

What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing?


For reference purposes


Whoops, sorry, got ahead of myself.

I played the beta. I didn’t have many expectations going in; I was just hoping for Destiny Year 4. I had posted a joke Patch Notes way long ago, and some of the ideas I wrote there, I would’ve been happy to see, but I understand that many of them were pipe dreams at best.


After playing the first mission, and the one strike, here’s the positives:

  • The mechanics haven’t gotten worse. Jumping, running, and shooting are all the same quality, and it is good quality.
  • All three classes are still here. That’s good. I liked all three of them.
  • The graphics got a bit of an upgrade. No final verdict yet, but I’m seeing more… fidelity.
  • I got a purple at the end of the strike. My RNG luck is looking good so far!

And now, the negatives:

  • The guns still have the same RNG issues, as far as I can tell. Really, an ability to upgrade and modify bad roll guns would’ve been an absolute game changer. And it’s sadly not here.
  • Grenade launchers seem like a poor man’s rocket launcher. And with the removal of Machine Guns, it feels like there’s no reliable DPS-pump special weapon.
  • Allied appearances in the story are bad cameos. Everytime I ran itno one of them, I was saddened by the fact they said two lines, did one action, and went away. Hell, Zavala got me killed by telling me to come back to his shield being bombarded with artillery.
  • Bosses are still bullet sponges who summon adds every five seconds. I’d love to go into why this is so bad, but long story short, I (and I assume, many people) hate losing a rigged numbers game.
  • Phalanxes can still eat a dick. This one isn’t really negative, but I hated them in #1 and its annoying to see how little they flinch in the sequel. Like, why are they MORE annoying? They weren’t annoying enough?
  • I’ve still not seen the difference between Bladedancer and Arcstrider. They’re like, the same. Except Arcstrider’s Super is worse.
  • If you’re trying to create drama, kill off a character more interesting than the Speaker. We interacted with him like twice in D1, and all he vends is class items. I forgot he existed until the Halloween event.
  • Ghost’s dialogue is still terrible. I would’ve considered this one of the easier fixes, but nope. That would be the most important thing to get write to promote a better storyline, but it wasn’t done.
  • Exotics feel like they’ve been nerfed. One has a last resort benefit, the other has firefly, and the last is transversive step and a large magazine. None are particularly game-changing, nor do they alter gameplay much. I know you weren’t bringing back ammo-generating ones like Invective or Icebreaker, but these guns barely escape D1 legendaries. Hell, I got a Ill Will that I’d prize over Sunshot.

But the biggest problem isn’t a singular issue. It’s a trend that’s been going on through the years of Destiny: A reductionist mentality. Is something good? Nerf it. Powerful? Remove it. Too easy to cheese? Make it obsolete through Year progression. Time after time, you’ve chosen to make things worse instead of improving things that are bad. The whole weapon class system rework is just an overall gun nerf to ‘balance’ multiplayer. It’s true that balance is important, but each nerf brings the game closer and closer to like, COD4 in space, with way less quality.

Worse off, everything that should be a basic improvement for a sequel doesn’t show up. Good dialogue? No. Improved storyline? Eh, not yet. Improved HUD? Maybe. Improved mechanics? No.  But hey, those particle effects look better, right?

I don’t know what to say. I’m disappointed. You’re gonna hammer every outstanding nail down until the entire floor is dull, and you’re gonna rake in money due to branding. Fuck.


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