Good art’s everywhere… including bad places

“Deviantart is just furries” is one of the least funny jokes there is.

This article gets NSFW. This is your warning.

It’s true that you can find anthropomorphic work on DeviantArt. You can also find a variety of other art on the site as well. The problem is that to find some good work, you may have to wade through some not-good work. As it turns out, an art-posting site that’s open to everyone is also open to those whose skill levels don’t meet personal standards.

There’s also the other issue: the best artists don’t just draw basic shit. Oh sure, if you’re looking for beautiful landscapes or picturesque designs, you might find them on the front page of an art site. But as it turns out, if you’re such a good artist that you can create death, tragedy, nudity, and a variety of abstract shit, you’re going to create death, tragedy, nudity, and a variety of abstract shit, and it’s not going to be splashed all over the front page of an art site, especially if the site has a SFW filter that has to be turned off by being a member.

The truth is, if you want to see all of the good art, you’re gonna have to go beyond the front page of DeviantArt. Go look at some actually deviant sites. Sites that aren’t in english. Sites that host porn. Sites that host the worst, most randomly disgusting shit out there. Turns out, between finding some new fetishes and worrying about the cleanliness of your workplace, you might find a new artist worth giving a shit about.

In one of my early highlights, I showed off an artist called AS109, and said s/he was really NSFW. I didn’t come across that artist browsing the front page of DA. I came across the artist after stumbling into some mutilated pseudo-child hentai.

There’s a few images leading up to this. The artist was kind enough to detail the entire process.

Heavily different picture than the one from the highlight, right? Yeah, you don’t find that on the front page of anywhere. Pretty good art, though, subject material aside. Good lighting, nice blend of colors, details on the background. The pose looks a little off, but the perspective’s unique, and it’s not like this person had a quadriplegic amputee with her sexual organs severed for physical reference. Also, not really AS109’s best, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to find him/her via this than searching for ‘anime girl #21095399’.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make. If you stick to one category, you’re only gonna find one artist. No offense to the artists who make it there, but the front page of DeviantArt looks like it’s curated by Lisa Frank: if it ain’t a colorful princess/pony/forest critter/picturesque landscape, it doesn’t show there often. But there’s gonna be good art that doesn’t see the light of day on a front page.


Sometimes, the artist just draws a couple of furry-assed creatures snuggling. Sometimes…


The artist can just draw regular ass stuff, and you can find it on the front page in the SFW section. Sometimes…


It’s not even gonna be in your expected medium. Look at that cute little thing. Shit’s adorable.

But you’re never gonna find it if you don’t explore.

P.S. Artist for the featured image is Lyc. Does good shit.



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