How to Improve Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have slowly become a regular occurrence in video games, and the jury is still out on whether the convention is good or bad, due to the lack of control groups, a.k.a a game that's done loot boxes well so that comparisons can be made. Currently, the best system I’ve seen has been League of [...]


Fortnite Full Review

Fortnite is... that right there. Epic Games is known for the Gears of War franchise, which has an excellent co-op "Horde Mode" and Unreal Tournament, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter with creative weaponry. People Can Fly is known for Painkiller and Bulletstorm, two shooters that mix good mechanics with extravagant murder and a crude sense of [...]

Fighting Game Tutorials, Part 2

Now let's learn what a fighting game tutorial should actually be. First off, it's not this: I've seen some tutorial recommendations, from Skullgirls, to Guilty Gear, to even Virtua Fighter. And some of these get parts of a tutorial right, but they all falter on one big ass problem: they teach execution before mentality, and execution [...]

Bite-Sized Critic: Fighting News

ARMS has released a new patch for their game, adding characters, new modes, arms, and bug fixes. Now all the Switch needs is more than two games to entice people. Fantasy Strike, a new fighting game from the mind of David 'Game Balance Theory' Sirlin, is seeking funding through a Fig campaign. It's like Kickstarter, [...]

Review: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Kind of an old game to review, huh? Quite. Mostly just working out a review style. Talking to yourself? Hey, I do it when I'm writing these, I might as well. ...Alright, go ahead.  Cool. So, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale- or PBR, as I typically call it- is a 2D platform brawler starring semi-iconic characters [...]